In a competitive business environment, professionals and executives are required to possess essential business skills, knowledge and understanding in order to excel in the ever-changing business world. Sunway College’s Certificate in Business Studies programme aims to prepare students for such environment. It also equips students with the basic knowledge and skillsets needed in the field of business administration.

Students will acquire strong communication, basic business technical, entrepreneurial, life and career, and information technology skills which will enable them to solve business-related problems.

Students will be able to gain the necessary skills through the provided exposure in the areas of Business Administration such as Marketing, Management, Economics, and Basic Accounting.

Studying at Sunway College campus offers students a modern learning environment that will enable students to achieve their aspirations.

Programme Highlight

Upon successful completion of this programme, you will be able to:

  • Acquire basic business knowledge;
  • Perform basic business technical skills effectively and ethically;
  • Use basic tools and techniques in solving task-related problems;
  • Acquire basic entrepreneurial knowledge;
  • Demonstrate teamwork, interpersonal and social skills; and
  • Use the skills and principles of lifelong learning in their academic and career development
January / April / August
1.5 years
Assessment & Examinations
The major objective of the assessment and examination procedures is to improve student learning and measure their comprehension.

Final grades reflect:
- 70% Coursework
- 30% Final Examination
Entry Requirements
SPM / O-Level:
Pass with a minimum of 1 credit
Pass with a minimum of 1 B
Other Qualifications:
On a case-by-case basis
English Language Requirement
For international students only:
  • IELTS - Minimum Band 5

Progression Pathway

Diploma in Finance

Programme Structure

Majors: Management & Law| Marketing & IT| Accounting & Finance| Economics & Mathematics

Book Keeping
Business Accounting
Business Finance
Management Basics
Introduction to International Business & Business Ethics
Human Resources & Law
Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Computer Applications for Business
Introduction to Marketing
Management Information System
New Media in Digital World
Essentials of Business Mathematics
Principles of Economics
Fundamentals of Probability and Statistics


MOHE General Studies
Malaysian and International students are required to pass the MOHE General Studies subjects

For local students:
  • Study Skills for Higher Learning / Bahasa Kebangsaan (applicable to students who did not sit for SPM or did not obtain a Credit in SPM Bahasa Melayu)
  • Pengajian Malaysia I
  • Globalisation & Contemporary Issues
For international students:
  • Study Skills for Higher Learning
  • Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi
  • Globalisation & Contemporary Issues

Soft Skill Subjects

  • Introduction to Business English I
  • Introduction to Business English 2
  • Business Communication