28 September 2018

In line with AUSMAT’s well-rounded education system, our students have plenty of opportunities to take part in various co-curricular activities.

One activity which became an instant hit among students was the Ausmazing Race – a station game in which students went through challenging obstacles at stations set up all around the campus. Being a team event, students were given a set of clues at the beginning of the game that would then direct them to the relevant stations. The objectives of this race included cultivating sportsmanship among the students, learning how to work together as a team, improving leadership skills and raising funds to create awareness to help the less fortunate.

The incessant rain on a Saturday morning did not hamper the students’ spirit to attend and enjoy the event. With all 21 teams present, students got wet, solved puzzles, engaged in physically strenuous activities but most importantly they had fun, which was evident on their tired but smiling faces during the prize giving ceremony. All the excitement took place in a span of 3 hours. As Ms. Vanitha Satchithanadan, Director of AUSMAT mentioned, “This activity served as a wonderful stress-buster in the midst of preparing for your exams.”

Apart from that, the games were planned and executed by the students themselves. Headed by the AUSMAT Student Council, together with a number of student facilitators, much thought and consideration were put into this event to ensure its success. The activities were planned to not only instil a positive team culture, but to also hone their communication skills, time management and their ability to take fast decisive actions.

This year, the event was organized in association with Arrow Resource Centre, a home-school resource centre. Arrow Resource Centre organized a fundraising event at our very own Boulevard which proved to be a hit among the students and our Ausmazing Race participants. Funds raised from both these events were donated to Full Life Children Home, India. This shelter home endeavours to rescue, care for and restore abused, exploited and at-risk children. It has been running since August 2014 to provide a place of temporary and permanent care for young girls aged six to seventeen.  

It was definitely a memorable day to all students and AUSMAT lecturers. AUSMAT truly strives to bring out strong values in team work and sportsmanship among our students which will contribute to lifelong qualities for their bright future.