28 May 2018

The MUFY Talent Quest is a talent competition that showcases the many wonderful and sometimes hidden talents among the over 1300 MUFY students. The competition received encouraging response from the students who delivered a variety of performances such as stand-up comedy, Chinese yoyo (diabolo), cello playing and vocal performances from a broad mix of music genres. Finally, after three auditions, 14 performances were shortlisted for the final held on 6 April 2018 in Jeffrey Cheah Hall, Sunway College.

It was exciting to see so many young talents fearlessly stepping out of their comfort-zones to deliver exhilarating performances. The audience of over 900 students thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the atmosphere was charged with excitement and energy. They were also extremely thrilled when Allistair Rentap (MUFY Alumni) returned to his alma mater to entertain the audience with his beatboxing skills and also when the lecturers put up 2 surprise vocal performances.

The following are the winners:

Champion:  Daniel Ling Ji Hon (Diabolo)

First Runner-Up:  Bayajeed Hasan (Stand-up comedy)

Second Runner-Up:  Choi Xin Yuen (Cello performance)