29 November 2018

30 students from Sunway College, City of Islington Sixth Form College, and City University participated in the Monash Arts Scholarship Contest organized by Monash University School of Arts and Social Sciences (SASS) in September, vying to win scholarships and attractive prizes. It was an exciting day with participants competing in four challenges.


Challenge 1: #pic&snap
Participants were given 45 minutes to take a picture of a spot on Monash University campus, caption and share it on Instagram. Cassandra Anwar won this challenge and received a polarized camera. Judges thought her caption for her picture of a multiple branch signpost on campus best depicted SASS in that even though the School has diverse branches representing different areas of study, they all work towards creating “a richer world that coexists with one another”.

Challenge 2.jpg

Challenge 2: “Finding Trust in World Politics”
articipants were briefed about the latest news in world politics to show the significance of the “Prisoner’s Dilemma” game that was conducted as part of the six-round challenge. As the various rounds proceeded, the game intensified as trust between players was perpetually lost and gained, something that is common in international negotiations. Group 5 comprising Aaron De Costa, Alyssa Yoong, Celine Tee, Dania binti Abdul Hanan Soh and Lim Jin-Ge won this challenge and each received a power bank.

Challenge 3.jpg

Challenge 3: Film Pitch
Participants had to work in groups to come up with a 5-minute film pitch in 30 minutes on aspects that had yet to be explored in current Malaysian movies. Each group was randomly assigned a film genre, one line of dialogue, and one prop that had to be incorporated into their film pitch. Group 6 creatively presented a new Malaysian superhero film that explored the complex notion of identity and “home” won this challenge, and its members – Allyssa Chin, Megan Ching, Muhammad Ibrahim, Rene Cheng and Siow Xin Yi – were each rewarded with a headphone.

Challenge 4_pic 01.jpg

Challenge 4: Trivia Bowl
The trivia comprised 50 general knowledge questions in the areas of media/communications, world politics, gender issues, literature and film. These categories correspond to the areas of study offered by SASS. Foo Siew Jack won this challenge and received a polarized camera for having correctly answered the most number of questions in the shortest time. 


While the results were being tabulated, two SASS students, Amani Onyango and Saima Islam, shared their experiences while interning at the All Women’s Action Society (AWAM) and studying abroad on exchange at Leiden University in the Netherlands. This session was really insightful for the participants as it provided them with comprehensive information on the variety of academic and non-academic experiences in Monash Malaysia’s SASS.

Group Photo (1).jpg

MUFY students emerged as champions and swept all scholarships and prizes. Congratulations to all!


The winners are:

First prize.jpg

1st Prize: Foo Siew Jack (50% scholarship & RM 3,000 cash)

Second Prize.jpg

2nd Prize: Rene Cheng Hui Ying (50% scholarship & RM 2,000 cash)

Third prize.jpg

3rd Prize: Muhammad Ibrahim (50% scholarship & RM 1,000 cash)