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Welcome to Sunway College

Warm greetings from all of us at Sunway College!

Congratulations on becoming a student at Sunway College. You will find the information and advice to help you settle into life as a student. We strive to give each student the support and resources needed for a smooth transition to Sunway College Campus.

Here is a quick list of the main topics in this orientation. Click to the below button to start.

What Will We Cover?


Let’s Settle In – Campus Life at a Glance

At Sunway College we take the health and safety of our students seriously. In view of the current situation, Sunway College will conduct orientation for new students virtually or hybrid until the campus resumes normal operations. We also recognise that providing you with an overview of the college facilities and amenities is necessary in order to help you settle into your new campus.

We have prepared a virtual campus tour for you. While you may not get to experience the sights and sounds of campus physically for now, you will still certainly be able have an overview of it. Please take your time to explore our facilities as well as the lifestyle and activities on our campus!

Campus Life at a Glance

Occupying 22 acres of prime land in Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya, the campus is fully equipped with academic, hostel and sports facilities and is amongst the largest and most modern private institutions in Malaysia.

Our campus comes complete with wireless access coverage (Wi-Fi) available 24-hours per day which covers classrooms, lecture halls, cafeteria, library, concourse and open areas that are conducive for student discussions, communications, eLearning and working on course assignments.

Campus Services

Find out the services available within the campus.

Library Tour

Access e-resources from the Library website. Also know more about the services, facilities and other resources from the Sunway Campus Library website at

Library's Dos & Don'ts

Let us maintain the Library as a conducive environment for learning and research.

Sunway Campus Online Library

Learn about the online resources and facilities of Sunway Campus Library

Spotlight on Student Life

College experience is the best time of your life. So take advantage of all the amazing opportunities that are available to you while you are here.

Student LIFE

Learn more about the services and support offered by Student LIFE for your wellbeing and academic success or click here for a downloadable version, and do check out our Virtual Engagement activities. Besides, Student LIFE quickstart guide also available here

Student LIFE Experience

Find out services offered by Student LIFE

60sec – Club & Societies

Interested in joining the club & societies. Let’s explore here

60sec - Career

Career advisory & guidance, internship & employment opportunities. Let’s explore here

60sec – Counselling

Do come and meet our professional and certified counselor


International Students

Smart Tips for International Students

Click here for all you need to know as an International Student

More information is available here

First Steps: Sunway & Malaysia


Students who are studying abroad in a new country for the very first time may have plenty of worries and concerns about how to adapt and even how to make new friends. This is exacerbated for those who are still unable to physically be on campus due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. The First Steps: Sunway & Malaysia programme will provide students with information on basic needs, language, culture and a platform to meet local seniors to assist with their preparation and transitioning into Sunway and Malaysia.

Sunway Cultural Exchange has conducted the programme with Sunway University students for 4 intakes since August 2020 and received positive responses from participants. With that, we would now like to include Sunway College students to be part of the programme as well.


  1. To introduce the culture of Sunway and Malaysia before students depart from their home countries and arrive in Malaysia
  2. To provide guidance and information to ease new international students’ cultural transition to a new country
  3. To build friendships between peers, which ultimately provides familiarity and assurance for international students in a foreign country

Target Audience:

International students coming into Sunway and Malaysia for the first time

Basic Details:

Date: 10th - 14th January 2022
Time: 3pm - 5:30pm
Platform: Zoom and WhatsApp

Past Programme Video Links:

January 2021: link | August 2020: link


“When first applying to Sunway I was very nervous, not knowing what to expect, but the first session with the crew completely took that feeling away. They made me feel as though we were already good friends. Including us in the discussion and playing a series of games really helped loosen us up. They also provided a very good range of information that was not only focused on academia but also Malaysian culture, its people and its cuisines. As an international student I'd like to have a sense of security as well as a constant feeling of being welcomed and accepted, and each and every one of the buddies gave me that feeling. The nervousness has definitely subsided and all that’s left is excitement!” – Emily Islam

“To even have this sort of an event is a victory for us international students. Coming to campus can make you feel lonely for the first few months, but with a support system like this already in place, I think a lot of us will be able to call Sunway home sooner than if we weren't part of this event”. – Zafra Usman Anfas, Sri Lanka


Day 1
Welcome & Introduction
Getting to Know You
Meet Your Family

Day 2
Cultural Diversity
Cultures of Malaysia

Day 3
Local Lingo
“Mamak Session” - Food

Day 4
Life as a Sunwayian
Life in Malaysia

Day 5
Academic Tips & Tricks

Register for the programme here: Contact Ms. Celine Tan at should you have any enquiries.


Connect with Us:



Stay Healthy, Stay Safe

While you are away from home, your health and safety are important to us. Please adopt safe study practices. Do lend your cooperation with the College by complying with the College's occupational health and safety policies and procedures which relate to environment, health and safety.

Info Pack

Amid the COVID-19 global outbreak, we have prepared a customised info pack in keeping you healthy both physically and emotionally.

Student Induction Pack

Familiarise yourself with the College's Health and Safety practice and culture. Amongst others, acquire the knowledge on Emergency Evacuation when the needs arise.


Commitment to a Safe Campus

Sunway College takes student and staff safety, health and well-being seriously.
Read more

Campus Tour

Know your way around even before you arrive. Check out the various tours we have prepared for you.

Explore every nook and cranny of the campus from the routes of the bus services to each and every building at the campus. Be at home with your surrounding.


Find out about the location of your Programme and where the lecture theaters, classes, and labs are. Also explore related venues like the galleries, and halls.


At times when you may need alternative study areas for discussion or personal revisions, check out the foyer, atrium, pods and student hubs available. Or for a short respite, try the South College and the North College gardens.


There is a wide variety of restaurants and cafes around the campus. So, head out and explore!


Let’s Get You Started – Student Account Activation

Now let's get you started on your Programme Online Orientation. At Sunway College, we advocate for online and self-paced learning where students would be in control of their academic experience. We will take you through step by step to activate your account and for you to take full advantage of the online learning platform.

Activate Your Student Account

Please note that the Student Account Activation can only be done 7 DAYS before your orientation.

Refer to your offer letter. You may find your Student ID (8 digits) there and use that to activate your account.

Tap here for account activation guide.

Tap here to start.

Once you are in the system, use your Student ID as your Username and enter the default password.

The default password is: YYYYMmmXXXX
YYYY - 4 digit year of birth eg 2000
Mmm - 3 letter birth month with initial cap eg Feb
XXXX - last 4 characters of IC No (Malaysian) or Passport No (non-Malaysian) eg 5104

Default password example: 2000Feb5104


Change the Password

The page will prompt you to change your password. It is important to regularly change your password for better security.

After you have activated your account, please allow 60 minutes for learning management system to sync to your new password, before you log on to it.


Start Your Programme Online Orientation

Here is where your academic experience begin; from checking your course to the class schedule and other important announcements.

Google Classroom.jpg


Click here for the sign in guide.
Google account can be activated from 03 January 2022.


MLearn. Click here to begin from 12 January 2022 onwards.



Click here to refer to Microsoft Teams Download Guide
Click here to login to MS Teams for orientation on 19 January 2022 using Sunway imail address


Click here to refer to Microsoft Teams Download Guide
Click here to login to MS Teams for orientation on 19 and 20 January 2022 using Sunway imail address

For below programmes

  • Foundation in Arts (FIA)
  • Foundation in Science and Technology (FIST)
  • Professional Accounting Programme
  • Sunway Diploma Studies
  • Victoria University Undergraduate Programme
eLearn. Click here to begin.
Click here if you need the elearn step-by-step guide


  1. iMail Log In Format: Student (e.g.
  2. For ITS assistance, please send email to


Programme Orientation Schedule

Welcome and congratulations on your acceptance to Sunway College!

Orientation is a great opportunity for you not just to make new friends and expand your horizons but to also explore and discover what the Sunway campus has to offer. Below are the Orientation Schedules for the upcoming intake to help you prepare ahead and kickstart your journey with us.

We look forward to having you on-board and we wish you a successful and exciting journey here at Sunway!

For enquiries, do feel free to email us at Student LIFE at

Sunway Diploma Studies
Pre-University Programme

*Orientation Date : Kindly refer to the intake date indicated in your offer letter

12 January 2022 (Online Orientation Schedule) 19 January 2022 (Online Orientation Schedule)
Professional Accounting Programmes
03 January 2022 (Hybrid Orientation Schedule) 19 January 2022 (Online Orientation Schedule) 22 January 2022 (Hybrid Orientation Schedule) (PART TIME)
Victoria University Undergraduate Programme


Sunway College Student Council

SCC stands for the Sunway College Student Council, composed of students from various courses in Sunway College.

Our purpose is to represent the student community at Sunway College and act as a bridge of communication between the students and management of Sunway College.

Besides that, we also coordinate student-related activities in furthering the educational aims of Sunway College in tandem with the interests of the students.

Get to know us better:

Who are we?

Members of SCC are selected through a stringent interview process to guarantee the quality of service provided to students of Sunway. Through unity of direction and vision, we hope to enhance your experience here at Sunway College.

Our dedicated core team of Term 1 2021

Our structure:

The building blocks of SCC are the 6 main departments. These departments have their own separate functions but work very closely each other to coordinate the initiatives held by SCC.


The backbone of SCC


Interested? Check us out on our social media platforms:



Important Contacts


Contact Email

Contact Person

Australian Matriculation Programme (AUSMAT)

Sumathi Balasubramaniam

Australian Matriculation Programme (AUSMAT)

Oliver Kee Swee Keat

Cambridge GCE A-level (A-LEVEL)

Ruth Cheah Kah Yok

Cambridge GCE A-level (A-LEVEL)

Rajesvaran Murugan

Canadian International Matriculation Programme (CIMP)

Heath Owen Kondro

Canadian International Matriculation Programme (CIMP)

Manogari Ranggasamy

Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY)

Helen James Solamadan

Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY)

Charity Yang Yung Yee

Sunway Diploma Studies (SDS)

Jennifer Ding Song Song

Sunway Diploma Studies (SDS)

Nicholas Jeremy Francis

Sunway Foundation Programme (SFP)

Sharenee Philomena Paramasivam

Sunway TES CAE 

Tan Bee Sim

Victoria University Bachelor Of Business (VUBB)

Ng Lena

Victoria University Bachelor Of Business (VUBB)

Sharmila Subramaniam


Support Services

Contact Email

Contact Number

Emergency Hotline

Admission Office

03-7491 8622 ext. 3082, 3083 and 3086 

Facilities Services


019-303 7612


Finance Services


Health & Safety


medical emergency: 03-74918670
safety matters: 03-74918678

International Office




IT Helpdesk

IT Helpdesk support for student (on IT related matters and IT Labs)

For student

03-7491 8770

For staff

Hotline : 03-7491 8787 / Ext. 8000
Hotline : 03-7491 8785 - EMX Related

For SIS related

03-7491 8780





03-74918777 (24 hours)

Student LIFE


Sunway Campus Library


Sunway Monash Residence (SMR)

03-7652 5500

019-273 2558

Sunway University Apartment (SUA)

03-7652 5506

019-273 3545

Sunway University Residence (SUR)

03-7652 5508

019-273 4070