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You are suitable for the Sunway Foundation in Arts if you:

Achievements & Accolades





1st class honours
in 2018

About FIA


The Sunway Foundation in Arts (FIA) creates an academic pathway for students to transition smoothly into tertiary level studies at Sunway University or to selected local and overseas universities.  As a Sunway University preparatory programme, FIA has been specially designed to enable students to progress into Sunway University.  Subject to achieving minimum university entry required scores for their proposed degree programme, students from FIA are guaranteed a place in Sunway University

The programme was developed with academics from FIA and Sunway University having contributed their expertise and experience, incorporating key elements for students to develop intellectually, emotionally and socially.  Ensuring there is a seamless pathway from the foundation year right through to the undergraduate years.  Owing to the quality of its provision and the scope of its curriculum, FIA qualification is also accepted by selected local and foreign institutions.

FIA enables students to set personal and academic goals and to identify their individual talents.  It develops social responsibility through community involvement and participation in extracurricular activities.  It also equips students with technical and soft skills necessary to be resourceful and successful in higher studies and enterprising in their careers.  Experiential learning is an integral part of a well-rounded education, and FIA provides this.

Director's Message

foundation-director.jpgSuzana Ahmad Ramli
Acting Director
Sunway Foundation Programme

The Sunway Foundation in Arts (FIA) programme believes in holistic education.  This means that, coupled with academic knowledge, you will be exposed to experiential learning as an integral part of your well-rounded education.  We are committed to moulding and shaping students who have a balanced world view and an understanding of social issues and world affairs outside of just text books.  Our emphasis is not confined to your doing well in examinations and moving on to tertiary studies but in developing your love for life-long learning, your confidence in your own ability and finding your own talents.  Join us to enjoy this journey where you chart your own success.

Programme Structure


  • 3 semesters of 14-week duration each.
  • Core units and Enrichment subjects are compulsory.
  • 4 Academic Electives are compulsory. 


Enrichment subjects broadens students’ general knowledge; develops their critical thinking skills through an understanding of individuals, groups and events influencing the world around them.


The Director of Programme, Deputy Director and Coordinator provide academic guidance and monitor progress.  Students will receive a progress report each semester.


Students are evaluated through 50% coursework (quizzes, projects, topic reviews, investigations, assignments and presentations) and 50% examination at the end of each subject / unit. The completion certificate awarded will show a combined CGPA and grade.

(CGPA calculation is based on all subjects attempted)

Entry Requirements
Passed SPM, O-level or equivalent with minimum five (5) credits
1 year
January / March / July / September
March / July / August

Choice of Subjects

Students are to complete minimum thirteen (13) subjects/units.  They are required to take Mathematics and English as core subjects each semester.  They are advised to take at least 4 Academic subjects/units.  Enrichment subjects are compulsory. All subjects/units are 4 credit hours.


Communication: Audience and Context

Contemporary Business Mathematics

Language and Communication

Mathematical Techniques and Analysis

Language and KnowledgeStatistical Techniques or Contemporary Creative Expression (Film as Art)



Accounting Processes and ReportsIntroduction to Public Relations
Introduction to Accounting TechniquesMacroeconomics: The Global View
Introduction to AdvertisingMathematics for Actuarial Studies
Introduction to Business: Management and MarketingMicroeconomics: Concepts and Models
Introduction to BusinessSocial Media in the New IT World
World of Business FinanceTravel and Cuisine
Introduction to Mass CommunicationCalculus
Introduction to ProgrammingIntroduction to Computer Science



Critical Thinking SkillsIntroduction to Psychology
Culture: Ideas & Expressions 



As a recent valedictorian of the Sunway Foundation Programme, an exciting career pathway awaits. None of that would have happened if I did not land my feet at the door of the Sunway Foundation Programme (SFP). SFP taught me lessons beyond academic – the importance of finding balance between study & doing things we love, the beauty of building genuine relationships, and most significant of all, the greatness in believing we can all achieve wonderful things. Sunway Foundation Programme has truly been a home to me, a place with its people I will never forget.

Bridget chose the Foundation in Arts (FIA) Programme at Sunway College for the wide variety of subjects it offers. Over the course of 1 year, we witnessed her amazing growth, from debating pressing matters to incorporating her passion for writing into the programme. She graduated with distinction, pursued BA (Hons) in Communication* and emerged as the Valedictorian! FIA was truly a great boost in helping her get where she is today.

Theresa Ng
Parent of Bridget Lim Cher Yee, FIA Alumna.
Awarded First Class Honours Sunway University Valedictorian (July 2017).
Currently working at Astro.

Don't think outside the box, think like there is no box. Sunway Foundation in Arts (FIA) has taught me to be creative, innovative and proactive. These three lessons have brought me to where I am today! From classes to field trips, assignments to exams, you will have to juggle between so many tasks, but I assure you, your time spent in FIA will be the most memorable and amazing experience in your learning journey.

Ko Chia Huey, FIA Alumni

The Foundation in Arts (FIA) programme provides an excellent variety of subjects, all delivered at just the right pace to ensure a positive learning experience. Life in FIA has really opened my eyes and established the perfect foundation to explore a whole world of opportunities.

Andrea Lee An Qi
Current FIA student