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About A-Level


Sunway College has been preparing students since 1994 for the General Certificate of Education (GCE) Advanced Level qualification through examinations set and assessed by the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE).

The GCE A-Level qualification places emphasis on in-depth knowledge, deep understanding, strong reasoning abilities and critical thinking. It is arguably the most widely recognised pre-university qualification in the world, readily accepted as proof of superior academic ability for entry into world-class universities around the world. Cambridge is the world’s largest provider of international education qualifications with more than 1,100 examination centres across the globe. Centres with superior course delivery that produces excellent results in the biannual examinations is accorded the status of a "Fellowship Centre".

The Fellowship Centre status awarded by Cambridge to the Sunway A-Level programme in 2005 is a clear recognition of our excellent delivery system and ensuing top-notch results on a world stage. We have a consistent track record of outstanding academic performance and a string of international awards won by our students.

Director's Message

Ruth Cheah
Director of Programme
Cambridge GCE A-Level

Welcome to the Sunway A-Level Programme!  Pre-university is an important crossroad, so choose well.  A Sunway A-Level qualification not only brings you a step closer to attaining your goals but also opens up a world of possibilities.  Here in the Sunway A-Level programme, we work with you to realise your goals.

Our consistent track record and excellent results are testimony to what you will experience here.  The Sunway A-Level programme has been a Cambridge Fellowship Centre since 2005.  This is in recognition of our excellent delivery system, consistent academic performance and attainment of Cambridge Top in the World awards.

Pursuing the Cambridge A-Level qualification will be exciting and rewarding as you prepare for admission to universities worldwide, including top-tiered institutions.  Students before you have successfully entered premier universities in the world like Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial, the London School of Economics, Harvard and MIT.  Your lecturers and academic mentors will guide you in your academic work and advise you on how you can benefit from the wide range of learning facilities and support services available at Sunway.

Experienced counsellors from our university placement centre further support you in your university application journey.
In addition to an intellectually stimulating academic environment, we provide you with ample opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities.  In the Sunway A-Level Programme, we encourage your holistic development.

We are extremely proud of our students and their individual success stories.  We are also very proud of what they go on to achieve.  I look forward to welcoming you to the programme and to working with you to ensure you too leave as successful individuals fully prepared for university and able to meet future challenges with confidence.

Programme Structure


The Cambridge A-Level curriculum provides a bedrock of foundational knowledge and comprehensive coverage in the breadth and depth of subjects offered. Students are assessed on their mastery of subject matter, their application of knowledge, understanding of everyday scenarios and their ability to think critically in unfamiliar situations. In the Sciences, a fair part of the assessment involves demonstration of laboratory-based skills.


The A-Level syllabus is divided into AS Level, the first half of the programme, which forms the foundation of A-Level. The A2 level is the second part of the syllabus and covers more advanced topics. Each level contributes 50% towards the final A-Level grade.

The examination papers for both the AS and A2 Levels are set and marked by examiners from Cambridge International Examinations.

Entry Requirements
Passed SPM, O-level or equivalent with minimum five (5) credits including English
English Language Requirement:
For students without a credit or higher in English:
  • IELTS - minimum score of 5.5
January / July
18 months
15 months
21 months
June and November

Choice of Subjects

The A-Level subjects offered are:

AccountingLaw ##
BiologyLiterature in English #
Further Mathematics *Psychology
History # 

Students are advised to choose a minimum of three (3) or a maximum of four (4) A-Level subjects. Thinking Skills is offered at AS Level only. We encourage students to consider Thinking Skills as a fourth or additional subject to strengthen their university applications.

Sunway's A-Level programme has been accorded the Cambridge International Fellowship Centre status since 2005, in recognition of our commitment to Cambridge’s standards of academic excellence and attainment of top of the world results in examinations.

The following is a guide to the most popular subject combinations students choose as pathways to various university programmes.

Pre-Medicine & Pre-Science
English in Literature #
Pre-Engineering & Pre-Science
Further Mathematics *
Literature in English #
Pre-Business & Pre-Law
History **
Law ##
Literature in English #

* To be taken as a fourth subject in addition to Mathematics; Further Mathematics is not offered in the March intake.

# Literature in English and History are not offered in the March intake

# Literature in English is not offered in the March intake.

## Law is not offered in the September intake.



The continuous support and guidance from my experienced lecturers during and after class aided me greatly to achieve the results I did. In addition to the excellent facilities and extracurricular options, the devotion and assistance that Sunway provides for its students throughout their university applications is exceptional. Sunway allowed me to experience a high quality Pre-University education that exceeded my expectations.

Shanna Chung Sim Ler
A-Level Alumni

Someone once said "there is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so." It’s true that the A-Level programme is demanding, be that as it may, I would do it all again and choose Sunway once more. A-Level at Sunway is student-oriented with a dedicated programme director and facilitators that emphasise on providing students the highest quality of education. A-Level at Sunway is truly above the rest.

Melanie Yoon Weng Mun
Current A-Level student