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You are suitable for MUFY if you:

Achievements & Accolades


graduates achieved an
Overall High Distinction Score
(80% & above)*


graduates awarded the
Monash High Achiever Scholarship
(Overall score of 89%
and above)*


students have chosen MUFY
as a pathway to university
since 1999

*Based on the results of the 2019 cohort

About MUFY


MUFY is a pathway that provides the academic bridge for students to progress successfully to undergraduate studies at Monash University. Just as Monash is a passport to a fulfilling career and rewarding life, MUFY is the passport to a rich learning experience at Monash. Designed by Monash academics, the MUFY program prepares students for admission into a wide range of Monash University undergraduate degrees.

Director's Message

Lee Thye Cheong
Monash University Foundation Year

Welcome to the Monash Community.

I am delighted to welcome you to the Monash University Foundation Year or MUFY as the pathway to Monash University.  Monash University, one of Australia’s prestigious Group of Eight universities, offers an outstanding learning experience.  It is internationally recognised for its quality of research and excellence in teaching and learning.  With a Monash education, you hold a passport to a promising career and a successful life ahead.

The MUFY program which enjoys international recognition, is the preferred university foundation program for many Malaysian as well as international students.  It offers students a smooth transition to undergraduate studies and provides them with the foundation to excel at Monash University.

The MUFY curriculum is delivered in a blended learning format which combines face-to-face instruction with self-directed learning delivered on an e-learning platform.  This enables students to develop vital learning skills to cope with university studies and even life beyond university.

By equipping our students with the relevant tools to become independent learners, we aim to give them a head start in university, and ultimately, a promising and rewarding future.

I wish you the best and hope you will join the MUFY experience.

Programme Structure

Choice of Subjects

MUF0011English Unit 1 (Compulsory)
MUF0012English Unit 2 (Compulsory)
MUF0021Accounting Unit 1
MUF0022Accounting Unit 2
MUF0061Economics Unit 1
MUF0062Economics Unit 2
Computer Science
MUF0051Information and Computer Technology Unit 1
MUF0052Information and Computer Technology Unit 2
MUF0101Advanced Mathematics Unit 1
MUF0102Advanced Mathematics Unit 2
MUF0141Fundamental Mathematics Unit 1
MUF0142Fundamental Mathematics Unit 2
MUF0091Mathematics Unit 1
MUF0092Mathematics Unit 2
MUF0031Biology Unit 1
MUF0032Biology Unit 2
MUF0041Chemistry Unit 1
MUF0042Chemistry Unit 2
MUF0121Physics Unit 1
MUF0122Physics Unit 2
Social Sciences
MUF0131Global Studies 1
MUF0132Global Studies 2
MUF0151Contemporary Issues 1
MUF0152Contemporary Issues 2
* The Programme reserves the right not to offer a unit if less than ten students enrol for the unit

The MUFY programme is offered on a modular or semester basis. Each subject is divided into two units i.e. Unit 1 and Unit 2. In total, the programme offers twelve subjects in twenty-four units.

A student must pass a minimum of eight different units to complete MUFY successfully. At least six of the eight units must be derived from three subjects i.e. there must be at least three complete subjects. One of the three complete subjects must be English. The remaining two units can be derived from either the same subject or from different subjects.


MUFY is a two-semester program which is available across multiple intakes and offered in two formats:

  • The Standard intake, commencing in January, March and July. Students study 4 units in semester 1 and another 4 in semester 2.
  • The Intensive intake, commencing in August. Students study 3 units in semester 1, and 5 units in semester 2.


The duration of each intake is outlined below:

Standard intakeSemester 1Semester 2
JanuaryJanuary - MayJuly - November
MarchMarch - JuneJuly - November
JulyJuly - NovemberJanuary - May
Intensive intakeSemester 1Semester 2
AugustAugust - NovemberJanuary - May

MUFY is delivered in a blended learning format which combines face-to-face instruction with self-directed learning delivered on an e-learning platform. To cope with this learning approach, students are advised to bring their own electronic device i.e. laptop or tablet.


Students are assessed through a mix of coursework (e.g. assignments, class tests, research projects, presentations) and final examinations. Coursework constitutes 70% of the total score while the remaining 30% is based on final examinations.

The MUFY programme scoring scale is determined as follows:

HD (High Distinction): 80 – 100
D (Distinction): 70 – 79
C (Credit): 60 – 69
P (Pass): 50 – 59
N (Fail): 0 – 49


To arrive at the MUFY score, the passing marks obtained from all eight units are added up and then divided by eight.  Bonus marks are awarded to students who complete nine or ten units in two semesters.

For more information on the MUFY programme, refer to MUFY Student Guide 2020

Entry Requirements

Passed SPM, O-level or equivalent with minimum five (5) credits including English

English Language Requirement:
For students without a credit or higher in English:
  • IELTS - minimum score of 5.5 and Writing not less than 5.5 with no band less than 5.0

Age Requirement:

  • Students must be at least 16 years old in the year of enrolment
1 year
January / March / July (Standard)
August (Intensive)
May, June and November

Reasons To Study MUFY

Pathway to a prestigious university
MUFY is a direct pathway to Monash University, a member of Australia’s Group of Eight universities recognised for excellence in research, teaching and scholarship.

Recognition in Australia and beyond
The MUFY qualification is also recognised by other Australian universities, universities in New Zealand and a growing number of established universities in the UK. This recognition extends to the branch campuses of foreign universities in Malaysia as well as private universities in the country.

Non-discipline specific foundation program
A discipline-specific foundation program such as a foundation in engineering prepares students specifically for undergraduate studies in engineering. On the other hand, a non-discipline specific program such as MUFY does not limit students’ options but offers them a broad pathway to any university course of their choice.

Semesterised study mode makes learning more manageable
MUFY students complete half of a subject (Unit 1) in semester one before undertaking the second half (Unit 2) in semester two. This way, students need not face the pressure of preparing for a single final examination at the end of the program.

Blended learning environment builds vital skills
MUFY is delivered on a blended learning format which combines face-to-face instruction with self-directed learning delivered on an e-learning platform. This enables students to develop vital learning skills to cope with university studies and even life beyond university.

Flexibility to improve university entry score
To improve their overall score, MUFY students can spend just one semester retaking selected units. That means in order to achieve better results, there is no need to repeat the entire program which a non-semesterised pre-university program would require.

Availability of scholarships
MUFY students studying at Sunway College can apply for a broad range of academic and extra-curricular scholarships made available to both domestic and international students. Similarly, Monash University offers scholarships to MUFY students who achieve excellent results.


Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY) is a perfect platform for transition into university. The holistic approach of learning that MUFY incorporates has not only further developed my son’s communication and problem-solving skills, but it has also polished his leadership qualities and confidence. The dedication and professionalism of the MUFY lecturers has encouraged my son throughout the journey and aided him to excel in his studies.
Tan See Chek
Parent of Tan Boon Lak, MUFY Alumnus.
Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA) scholar & Monash University High Achiever Award recipient.
Currently studying Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) in Monash University, Malaysia.

My learning experience in Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY) was invaluable and enjoyable. The programme provided a highly supportive learning atmosphere, and sharpened my personality to be more disciplined and independent. MUFY boosted my confidence and skills to adapt to the challenging environment in my Engineering Degree at Monash University. The invaluable experience continues to inspire me in my PhD studies.

Tan Wen Liang, MUFY Alumni

I can confidently say that Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY) has helped me establish a solid foundation in my studies. The programme has also helped me to develop a strong sense of discipline and high degree of self-motivation, as it requires you to diligently plan out your schedule carefully. Each class environment is enjoyable, educational and interactive. My overall experience in MUFY is totally invaluable and essential to my future success.

Ryan Khoo Lay King
MUFY Alumni