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students have chosen MUFY as a pathway to university

*Based on 2020 & 2021 results

About Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY)

Since 1999, over 15,000 students have chosen MUFY as a pathway to Monash University. Designed by Monash College, it provides the academic bridge for students to progress successfully into various Monash University's undergraduate degrees. Once you have successfully completed the program and meet the entry requirements, we guarantee you first-year entry into a range of degrees at Monash University.

Non-discipline specific foundation program​me
Flexibility to improve university entry score

Semesterised study mode makes learning more manageable

Entry Requirements

Passed SPM, O-Level or equivalent with minimum five (5) credits including English.
Passed UEC with minimum three (3) credits including English.

English Language Requirement
For students without a credit or higher in English:
IELTS - minimum score of 5.5 and Writing not less than 5.5 with no band less than 5.0 or equivalent.


There are four standard intakes in January, March, July and August, and one intensive intake in April.

Programme Structure

The MUFY programmes is offered on a modular or semester basis. Each subject is divided into two units over 2 semesters.

Assessment and Examination

  • 70% coursework (assignments, class tests, research projects, presentations)
  • 30% final examination
  • Contemporary Issues is 100% coursework

Examinations: May, June and November, December

MUFY programme practises the blended learning approach which combines face-to-face instruction and self-directed learning via an e-learning platform and the internet. Teaching and learning happens through a dual-mode approach. With this approach students must bring their own electronic devices i.e. A laptop.

Choice of Subjects

SubjectName of UnitName of Unit
English (Compulsory)MUF0011 English Unit 1MUF0012 English Unit 2
AccountingMUF0021 Accounting Unit 1MUF0022 Accounting Unit 2
EconomicsMUF0061 Economics Unit 1MUF0062 Economics Unit 2
BiologyMUF0031 Biology Unit 1MUF0032 Biology Unit 2
ChemistryMUF0041 Chemistry Unit 1MUF0042 Chemistry Unit 2
PhysicsMUF0121 Physics Unit 1MUF0122 Physics Unit 2
Fundamental MathematicsMUF0141 Fundamental Mathematics Unit 1MUF0142 Fundamental Mathematics Unit 2
MathematicsMUF0091 Mathematics Unit 1MUF0092 Mathematics Unit 2
Advanced MathematicsMUF0101 Advanced Mathematics Unit 1MUF0102 Advanced Mathematics Unit 2
Information and Communication TechnologyMUF0051 Information and Communication Technology Unit 1MUF0052 Information and Communication Technology Unit 2
Global StudiesMUF0131 Global Studies Unit 1MUF0132 Global Studies Unit 2
Contemporary IssuesMUF0151 Contemporary Issues Unit 1MUF0152 Contemporary Issues Unit 2

For more information on the MUFY programme, refer to MUFY Student Guide 2022.

Testimonials & Alumni

Kaveenesh Robert

Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery, Monash University

Enrolling in MUFY gave me a very memorable college experience and helped me evolve into a better version of myself. MUFY not only provides a balanced course structure but also a great overall college learning environment. The lecturers that taught me were some of the most caring and helpful people with outstanding dedication. My learning through MUFY extends far beyond the classroom and what I’ve learnt will stay with me as I move forward in life.

Jasmine Chiam

Bachelor of Pharmacy, Monash University

The MUFY program has been an eye-opening, wholesome and unforgettable experience. The teachers are supportive, dedicated and professional while the program itself has encouraged me to develop as a person, grow and excel in my studies. Overall, MUFY has aided me in gaining the knowledge, assets and skills necessary to perform well in my future undertakings.

Alia Qamelia

Bachelor of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering (Honours), Monash University

MUFY was a whole new adventure for me where I had the chance to be a part of a diverse community. This exposure definitely aided me in improving my social and communication skills. I also love how MUFY was not only a program that focuses on academically related activities but sports and charity events as well.

Ryan Khoo

Bachelor of Computer Science, Monash University

I can confidently say that Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY) has helped me establish a solid foundation in my studies. The programme has also helped me to develop a strong sense of discipline and high degree of self-motivation, as it requires you to diligently plan out your schedule carefully. Each class environment is enjoyable, educational and interactive. My overall experience in MUFY is totally invaluable and essential to my future success.

Tan See Chek

Parent of Tan Boon Lak, MUFY Alumnus.
Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA) scholar & Monash University High Achiever Award recipient.

Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY) is a perfect platform for transition into university. The holistic approach of learning that MUFY incorporates has not only further developed my son’s communication and problem-solving skills, but it has also polished his leadership qualities and confidence. The dedication and professionalism of the MUFY lecturers has encouraged my son throughout the journey and aided him to excel in his studies.

Tan Wen Liang

MUFY Alumni

My learning experience in Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY) was invaluable and enjoyable. The programme provided a highly supportive learning atmosphere, and sharpened my personality to be more disciplined and independent. MUFY boosted my confidence and skills to adapt to the challenging environment in my Engineering Degree at Monash University. The invaluable experience continues to inspire me in my PhD studies.

Progression Pathway
Many MUFY graduates have successfully entered Monash University. There are also successful placements into foreign universities in Australia, New Zealand, UK and private universities in Malaysia.

MUFY organises the University Information Week to provide students with up-to-date information on courses offered by Monash. During the event, Monash academics talk to MUFY students about the courses and specialisations offered, admission requirements and career prospects. This information helps students make informed decisions about which undergraduate course to study after MUFY.

Monash University has intakes in February and July. Monash University Malaysia has an additional intake in October. However, the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) and Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine have only one intake in February.

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