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The Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) is a vocational qualification designed by ACCA that will allow you to support the work of professional accountants.  The final-level examinations are equivalent in standard to the first year of a university degree programme.  Consequently, CAT graduates are allowed to move directly to Fundamentals Level (Skills Module).

The knowledge, skills and practical experience you have gained while studying the CAT qualification can exempt you from certain papers and count towards the practical experience requirement of the ACCA Qualification.

There are nine examinations to the CAT, which are split into four levels.  Each level is designed to test the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to work in accounting support roles.  As well as completing your examination, you will have to gain a minimum of one-year relevant experience while undergoing your financial training to achieve the Technician qualification.

When you have fulfilled the criteria for Certified Accounting Technician status, ACCA will confer on you the title of Certified Accounting Technician and you will be able to use the letters ‘CAT’ after your name.

The CAT qualification could be your stepping stone to the ACCA Qualification and membership of the global body for professional accountants.

Programme Syllabus

Introductory Certificate in Financial and Management Accounting**
FA1 - Recording Financial Transactions
MA1 - Management Information
Intermediate Certificate in Financial and Management Accounting**
FA2 - Maintaining Financial Records
MA2 - Managing Costs and Finances
Diploma in Accounting and Business**
FBT - Foundation Business Technology
FMA - Management Accounting
FFA - Financial Accounting
Options (Any 2 papers)
FAU - Foundations in Audit
FTX - Foundations in Taxation*
FFM - Foundations in Financial Management
January, March, April, July and September
Note: CAT is offered as a full-time programme only

Minimum Entry Requirements

Academic requirements
SPM / O-Level or equivalent
5 Cs (including English and Mathematics)
5 B6 (including English and Mathematics)

English Language Requirements*
550 paper-based, 213 computer-based, 80 internet-based
Band 4
SPM English
UEC English
O-Level English (1119)

* Variants available (MYS, UK)
** Extra certificates from ACCA
All international students are required to sit for an English Placement Test (EPT). A minimum score of 60% must be attained in order to be accepted into the programme.

Why CAT At Sunway TES CAE

The first 7 papers are computer-based exams.  The option papers are paper-based exams.  Students who attempt the computer-based exams are able to obtain their results immediately upon completion of the examinations. Paper-based exam results will be released within 5 to 6 weeks.

Parents' Day
Parents’ Day is held once every semester.  On this day, parents are able to discuss with lecturers the progress of the students.  A report on attendance and grades of internal exams will be available to enhance the discussion between lecturers and parents.  To date, the response has been positive, fostering good rapport between parents, students, and lecturers.

CAT Graduates
Graduates with one year of relevant and supervised practical experience are required to submit their Practical Experience Requirement which may be pre, during or post examination/studies to ACCA.  Upon approval, CAT graduates may add the prestigious designatory initials ‘CAT’ to their names.

Progression to ACCA
CAT graduates attempting to pursue the ACCA qualification are granted exemption from the Knowledge Module (3 papers) and thus may progress directly to the Skills Module (6 papers).

Career Prospects
CAT graduates will be able to support Financial Managers in any type of business, both locally and internationally.