Social And Professional Networking

The VU Masters Club is a platform for students to build or enhance their leadership skills through social networking events and contributing to community projects.  Events and activities are organised by students for students.

What Our Graduates Say

Our students come from leading organisations such as:

  • Abbott Laboratories Malaysia
  • Allianz Malaysia
  • AmBank Group
  • Alstom Power Asia Pacific
  • Bank Islam Malaysia Bhd.
  • DHL Malaysia
  • Hewlett Packard Multimedia
  • HSBC Amanah Takaful (Malaysia)
  • IBM Malaysia
  • Maybank Berhad
  • Nestle Manufacturing (Malaysia)
  • Securities Commission Malaysia
  • Sime Darby Industrial
  • Sunway Medical Centre
  • UMW Toyota Motor

Kevin Quah Wenji
Head of Sustainable Construction and Infrastructure
ERE Consulting Group

The VU MBA offers a unique modular structure that is perfect for busy working executives in the Klang Valley.
It allows one to focus entirely on a single subject matter; freeing up precious time to absorb, reflect and immediately apply lessons learnt over each weekend into both professional and private lives.

Over 18 months of study, there were a couple of key takeaways. For starters, it is a perfect training ground to improve one’s time management and increase in productivity and efficiency. Nothing beats the effort to juggle work commitments whilst aiming for the highest of academic grades. Next, one learns to be agile and flexible, trying to figure out the secrets to the art of managing and leadership. They say, change is the only constant in life. One is also able to connect with a truly diverse network for my fellow students were of the best minds from varying industries with vast expertise and experiences.

Some may say an MBA is a dime in a dozen, some opine it is no longer relevant while many thinks of it as a magical stepping stone to greater success. To me it was a journey, one where I forged lifelong friendships, one full of truly enriching experience of self-discovery and realization.

Mohamad Farizul Yahaya
Head of finance
PR1MA Communications Sdn Bhd
Perbadanan PR1MA Malaysia

I am the current Head of Finance of PR1MA Communications Sdn Bhd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Perbadanan PR1MA Malaysia. Before this, I held various management positions in large conglomerates and established group including IBM and Edotco Malaysia, I am a Chartered Management Accountant from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), UK. Prior to MBA study, I felt that I needed to have an MBA to complement my professional qualification and to widen my career options. Hence, I started to explore the best MBA programs in Malaysia. VU’s MBA became my choice because I could have work/life balance, weekend classes, and one module at a time.

VU’s MBA has helped in pushing my ability to look beyond  nance and accounting areas, and to become a dynamic leader. The program has a great emphasis not only on strategic business skills but also on other non-financial elements such as strategic marketing, entrepreneurship and human behaviour. It gives a BIG PICTURE of things.

VU’s MBA has totally changed the way I think. I now am able to look into every expect of any business — from understanding the operations level, organization issues, leadership exposure, people skills, as well as the industry dynamic to gain the competitive advantages for the business.

Tee Yan Ven
Head of Business Analytics
HSBC Malaysia

My experience of VU’s MBA has been one of the most rewarding ones in my life. Spending 18 months, while it may sound like a really long time to some people, to me it went by so quickly because I was having so much fun! In the spirit of being succinct and yet impactful (that’s what VU’s MBA is), here are the Top 5 reasons why you should pursue the VU’s MBA at Sunway:

All 12 modules in the VU’s MBA program are meant to complement one’s day-to-day professional life. I learned about the various techniques and frameworks of strategic management from case studies to apply in my everyday work – which is always full of problem-solving and tackling of difficult business challenges. I really enjoyed learning different subjects such as Human Resource Management, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems that ‘open my eyes’ to entirely new worlds altogether. My course mates shared about the challenges they faced in their respective fields. Likewise, I reciprocated by sharing my experiences in analytics and marketing with the class.

We had the bene t of VU lecturers flying in from Melbourne to teach us for three days. Also, we were taught by the local lecturers who are experts in their fields. We even had industry experts to share their experiences in class. My most memorable session was having a venture capitalist to speak in the class of managing innovation and entrepreneurship. Having worked in Uber before, I felt ‘right at home’ learning to run a startup!

The world is a small place and we are all connected through a friend or a colleague or a relative. They say that everyone has a friend, we just haven’t met him/her yet. After my MBA study, I can safely say that my circle of friends has widened! I now know who to reach out to in case I ever needed a friend from the  nance industry or from a telco industry. As you move up the career ladder, your network will become a powerful asset. Figuratively speaking, connections can take you places.

The Sunway campus library provides access to the best learning databases such as VU portal, as well as text books, e-journals, etc. — which are needed to produce quality coursework and project papers.

Most of the modules have a mix of coursework (presentations, assignments and project paper) and exams. I think this works best because it allows us to hone our presentation skills. And the exams truly assess what we have learnt — to critically analyse business scenarios and o er alternative solutions. Group assignments have fostered collaboration among fellow team mates. We discussed the assignments during or after class because most of us have full-time jobs. Such tight schedules forced us to be more e cient with our time and also to better prioritize our schedules.

In short, the VU’s MBA study is really fulfilling! Try it out for yourself!