About Sunway Diploma Studies

The Sunway Diploma Studies provides opportunities to students to proceed directly into a chosen career field.  It prepares students for a career in their chosen field with knowledge and skills geared towards giving them the head-start they need.

In this new global interconnected economy, industries are demanding new competencies and skills, at Sunway Diploma Studies, we integrate into our curriculum, skills and attributes such as:

  • learning & innovation skills
  • information media & technology skills
  • life & career skills

Sunway Diploma programmes provide a wide range of experiences which enhance graduate employability and job readiness.  We practice Work-Integrated Learning which offers students with an authentic work experience that are industry-linked through projects and industry study trips.  Exposure to work on problem-solving simulations prepares students for the daily challenges in their future jobs.  Projects, competitions, workshops and TED Talks provide opportunities for students to gain valuable exposure to current, innovative and creative ideas while preparing them with collaboration and communication skills.

The Sunway Diploma Studies offers the following programmes:

Students can choose to progress into a professional qualification or pursue their tertiary studies upon successful completion of their diploma programme.

Sunway Diploma Pathway – Flexible Study Options

Students at Sunway Diploma Studies build an e-portfolio as their personal record for all academic, professional and co-curricular achievements and experiences.

The Sunway Diploma coupled with the student’s e-portfolio will enhance the student’s employability for a rewarding career or exemptions from professional examinations or university entry.

During a students’ tenure with Sunway Diploma Studies, lecturers and placements advisors will assist students with information on:

  • career choices
  • university applications
  • university placements
  • internships
  • professional and job placement