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About FIST


The Sunway Foundation in Science and Technology (FIST) charts a learning strategy to prepare students to move into tertiary fields of study in science, and in their areas of interest.  The programme is designed to ensure that students are able to set personal achievement targets while identifying their individual talents.

FIST combines technical and life sciences with communication, ICT applications and enrichment subjects to formulate a curriculum designed to prepare students for the multi-disciplined studies of engineering, biological sciences, life sciences, information technology and related degrees.

Director's Message

foundation-director.jpgSuzana Ahmad Ramli
Acting Director
Sunway Foundation Programme

The Sunway Foundation in Science and Technology (FIST) programme believes in holistic education.  This means that, coupled with academic knowledge, you will be exposed to experiential learning as an integral part of your well-rounded education.  We are committed to moulding and shaping students who have a balanced world view and an understanding of social issues and world affairs outside of just text books.  Our emphasis is not confined to your doing well in examinations and moving on to tertiary studies but in developing your love for life-long learning, your confidence in your own ability and finding your own talents.  Join us to enjoy this journey where you chart your own success.

Programme Structure


  • 3 semesters of 14-week duration each.
  • Core units and Enrichment subjects are compulsory.
  • 6 Academic Electives are compulsory.
  • Students must clear first level of a subject to proceed to the next.


Enrichment subjects broaden students’ general knowledge, develops their critical thinking skills through an understanding of the impact of scientific discoveries on society, environment, and the world around them.


Teacher Advisors and Counsellors guide and support students' needs on academic matters and placements. Students are encouraged to partake in academic and extracurricular activities.


Students are evaluated through 50% coursework (quizzes, projects, topic reviews, investigations, assignments and presentations) and 50% examination at the end of each subject/unit. The completion certificate awarded will show a combined mark and grade for all subjects/units.

Entry Requirements
Passed SPM, O-level or equivalent with minimum (5) credits including Mathematics and two Science subjects
1 year
January / March / July / September
March / July / August

Choice of Subjects

Students are to complete minimum thirteen (13) subjects/units. They are required to take all core units and are advised to take at a minimum of 6 Academic Elective subjects. Enrichment subjects are compulsory.


Academic Writing Skills
English Language for Scientists
ICT Application Skills
Statistics for Scientists



Technical Sciences
Basic Computer Concepts
Introduction to Programming
Mathematics for Scientists (Compulsory)
Principles of Electrical Science
Principles of Mechanical Science
Technical Mathematics
Renewable Energy
Life Sciences
Basic Chemistry
Introduction to Biology
Principles of Cell Biology
Principles of Chemistry
Safety Health and Environment
Food Science
Introduction to Psychology



Critical Thinking Skills
Science and Ethics
Scientific Revolutions

* New subjects coming soon


As a recent valedictorian of the Sunway Foundation Programme, an exciting career pathway awaits. None of that would have happened if I did not land my feet at the door of the Sunway Foundation Programme (SFP). SFP taught me lessons beyond academic – the importance of finding balance between study & doing things we love, the beauty of building genuine relationships, and most significant of all, the greatness in believing we can all achieve wonderful things. Sunway Foundation Programme has truly been a home to me, a place with its people I will never forget.

Enrolling my son into the Foundation in Science and Technology (FIST) programme at Sunway College turned out to be a better decision than I had expected. He received quality education experience while fuelling his passions and interests greatly too. My son's happiness is my happiness; he's happy with his educational pursuits, and I'm proud of his accomplishments in the programme.

AK Kawita Dewi
Parent of Kamaleshwaran A/L Ganeson, FIST Alumnus.
Top Scorer in FIST.
Awarded with Full Scholarship for on-going Studies in BSc (Hons) Psychology at Sunway University

My experience with the Sunway Foundation in Science and Technology (FIST) programme was life changing. Not only was I able to affirm my passion and interest for the workings of the human mind, it also aided my self-confidence, socialising ability, and passion for educating. My lecturers’ encouragement in the present day still keeps me going. FIST helps prepare students for their future, both academically and mentally. I’m truly glad to have pursued this programme.

Kamaleshwaran, FIST Alumni

The Foundation In Science & Technology (FIST) programme has been an amazing programme that has completely exceeded my expectations of what a foundation would be. The lecturers are very interactive and have helped me greatly throughout my development journey, not only as a student but as a well-rounded individual determined to make a positive impact on the world. This programme o ers many opportunities for future degrees in the elds of IT & Science, and has helped me become the person I am today.

Nihaal Gill Jagraj Singh
Current FIST student