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About CIMP


The Canadian International Matriculation Programme (CIMP) is a Year 12 secondary school curriculum delivered according to the requirements of the Ontario (Canada) Ministry of Education.  CIMP graduates earn the highly regarded Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) which is globally accepted as an entry into universities.

CIMP is a rigorous programme with high academic standards.  The day-to-day classroom progression centres on the expansion, transmission and application of knowledge, skills and attitudes from the Canadian curriculum.  Emphasis on transferable skills such as critical thinking, innovation and creativity, communication, and collaboration provides students with a strong foundation for success in tertiary education and future career.  Opportunities to become involved in leadership activities, and to participate in extracurricular activities develop students in CIMP into socially responsible and globally conscious citizens in their communities.

The uniqueness of CIMP emerges in the method of assessment and evaluation in the context of an authentic student-centred learning environment.  CIMP practices continuous assessment rather than on a final examination.  Students are challenged on daily class work throughout the semester accounting for 70% of their final grade, and 30% is determined by the performance of their final examination.  This assessment and evaluation method places a much greater emphasis on student involvement in the teaching and learning process throughout the semester at CIMP.  With day-to-day preparedness, commitment and achievement; our students can and do reach their academic goals.

CIMP students are expected to become active and engaged learners.  With their daily commitment and level of involvement in class, students will become creative thinkers, developing the powers of observation, imagination, reasoning, as well as gaining confidence as effective communicators.

Director's Message

Bill Ironside
Director of Programme
Canadian International Matriculation Programme

Welcome to the Sunway Canadian International Matriculation Programme (CIMP), an established pre-university programme, approved and inspected by Canada’s Ontario Ministry of Education.  The majority of our teaching staff have been trained in Canada and are certified by the Ontario College of Teachers.  CIMP graduates earn the highly regarded Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) which provides entry into universities around the world.

Since the beginning of the programme in 1990, more than 7,000 graduates who have gone on to study in over 140 private and public universities throughout the world.  Post-graduation, CIMP alumni are pursuing careers in Business, Finance, Engineering, Technology Health Care, and Public Relations.  If you are looking for a challenging programme that will prepare you for a future in a predominantly English speaking university – a programme that will offer you an excellent academic base in English and offer you the needed curriculum to prepare you for the university and career of your choice – CIMP is for you.

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield shared an anecdote from the International Space Station, “We spend our days studying and simulating experiences we may never actually have, but we are learning.  And that, I think, is the point: learning.”  Here at CIMP, we take great pride in our ‘international’ community of learners; where all members- students and teachers- share a passion for learning with an emphasis on academic excellence and a collective desire to make a positive difference in the world today.

Ultimately, our goal is to instil in our students a love for learning and contribute to their individual life-long learning.  If you are looking for an exciting, challenging, student-centred programme; offering strong academics, community involvement and meaningful participation in extracurricular activities then please join us at CIMP.

Programme Structure


All students must successfully complete the following to graduate with the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD):

  • Six (6) pre-university courses including ENG4U or ENG4C.
  • An external literacy test (OSSLT) administered with the Ontario Ministry of Education.
  • Ten (10) hours of approved Community Service.

Students should select subjects that best suit the entry requirements for their university studies.

All new students enrolled in CIMP will sit for an English Placement Test (EPT).  The result of the EPT will determine their placement in the CIMP English programme (ENG4C or ENG4U).  Students who do not meet the minimum English literacy requirement will complete one semester in Intensive English Programme (IEP).  They will then proceed to study two (2) semesters in CIMP.


Assessment is based on continuous evaluation.

  • 70% is formative assessment (tests, assignments, daily work, etc.)
  • 30% is final exam and / or culminating activity

Parents / Guardians will receive two formal report cards of their child’s performance, sent out each semester.  Students will receive an Ontario Student Transcript (OST) disclosing full information on all subjects taken.

Entry Requirements
Passed SPM, O-level or equivalent with minimum five (5) credits
12 months (2 semesters)
January / March / July / September
June and December

Choice of Subjects

Students are required to choose six (6) subjects from the list below that best suit the entry requirements for their university studies.

BOH4MBusiness Leadership: Management Fundamentals
BAT4MFinancial Accounting Principles
BBB4MInternational Business Fundamentals
Computer Studies
TGJ4MCommunications Technology
English Courses
ENG4CEnglish for College
ENG4UEnglish for University
OLC4OOntario Secondary School Literacy Course
EWC4UThe Writer's Craft
Health and Physical Education
PSE4UIntroductory Kinesiology
MHF4UAdvanced Functions
MCV4UCalculus and Vectors
MDM4UMathematics of Data Management
Social Sciences
CIA4UAnalysing Current Economics Issues (Social Science)
CGW4UCanadian and World Issues: A Geographic Analysis
HSB4UChallenge and Change in Society
CHY4UWorld History: Since the Fifteenth Century


Canadian International Matriculation Programme (CIMP) is a programme that taught me how to balance my academic and extra-curricular activities to be a more accomplished individual. The programme has given me countless opportunities to realise my full potential and pursue my passions. I will certainly carry the experiences and vast knowledge I have gained through my time at CIMP with me in the future.

Swarna Laxmi Selvaraja
Current CIMP student