Testimonies From The Big 5

Sunway TES CAE has built a remarkable reputation among renowned employers for its high calibre graduates who easily adapt to the challenges of real world working culture and whose performance perennially exceed industry standards.

Sunway TES CAE and Deloitte have established a wonderful working relationship for many years, especially through the Deloitte Tax Challenge, where its students have without fail to participate in the competition every year. Some of the students have emerged as champions in the competition, exhibiting their technical competence. We therefore rank graduates from Sunway TES CAE very highly when it comes to recruitment in our selection process. The culture of excellence and learning environment at Sunway TES CAE has produced graduates, who are not only successful academically but able to apply their knowledge in today’s business environment.

When we select employees for our organisation, we look not only at an individual’s performance and qualifications, but at the institution of higher learning which he or she graduated from. Where graduates from Sunway TES CAE are concerned, we are con dent that we have picked the right candidates.

A number of graduates from Sunway TES CAE who joined us, have excelled and progressed to senior positions in our organisation. We believe that the standards of excellence and mentoring instilled in Sunway TES CAE alumni will continue beyond college life, and that these qualities are invaluable for new talent joining our industry.

We are the employer of choice for many graduates from Sunway TES, a key institution we recruit from. We will continue to collaborate with Sunway TES CAE to train aspiring accountants who will potentially be leaders in their profession. Sunway TES CAE alumni are among our top performers and world-class award winners, which is a testament of the quality of its academic staff and their commitment in producing high calibre graduates.

Lifelong learning is deeply ingrained in the graduates produced by Sunway TES CAE. We do not only recruit students but also send our employees to pursue their professional qualifications at Sunway TES CAE. The staff we recruited from the pool of students at Sunway TES CAE are highly- motivated, conscientious and self-initiated. We view Sunway TES CAE as an important partner to us for our recruitment and talent development initiatives.

At EY, we have found that the graduates from Sunway TES CAE respond positively to the challenging, high-performance environment of our organisation. They are equipped with the relevant knowledge and skills, and many successfully meet our high standards and expectations.


Quotes From CAT & ACCA World And Malaysian Prizewinners

The lecturers teach in a way that enables me to understand the syllabus easily. They give plenty of exercises so that I can practise as much as possible.

Gui Chia Sin
CAT Prizewinner (Malaysia) - Paper T6
CAT Prizewinner (Malaysia) - Paper T4 (joint placing)
Sunway’s team of lecturers taught us workable strategies on top of content. Time and again, they have clearly laid out important areas where students should not compromise and should continually work on, and not merely study the entire syllabus by rote.

Adeline Wan Siew Mei
ACCA Prizewinner (World & Malaysia) - Paper F7
ACCA Prizewinner (Malaysia) - Paper F9
Sunway lecturers form an integral part of my success. I appreciate their sacrifices, and inspiration drawn from their lectures drove me to work to the best of my capabilities.

Aaron Kee Jenn Foong
ACCA Prizewinner (Malaysia) - Paper F5
Ms Rozi, my Taxation lecturer really motivated me to aim high. She often told us that we should always aim for the stars so even if we missed that, we’d land among the clouds. Her “lectures on life” really inspired me to study harder.

Lum Ying Ling
ACCA Prizewinner (Malaysia) - Paper P1
I am grateful to my lecturers at Sunway who impart knowledge that stimulates learning and critical thinking. Classes are followed by a mock exam where questions are answered under examination conditions which prepared me well for my external CAT exams

Ong Wei Zun
CAT Top Scorer (World) - 2nd Placing
CAT Prizewinner (Malaysia) - Paper T8
The conducive environment in Sunway makes it a suitable place for me to concentrate on my studies especially at the Tun Hussein Onn Library. The lecturers at Sunway TES CAE are always ever dedicated and passionate in guiding us.

Tan Pei Ling
ACCA Prizewinner (Malaysia) - Paper F8
Sunway undoubtedly provided me with a perfect environment to pursue my studies. The lecturers are experienced and passionate, making sure students are able to understand the contents of the syllabus.

Goh Chia Yi
CAT Prizewinner (Malaysia) – Paper T7

Quotes From ICAEW Prizewinners

The ICAEW was a natural choice due to its unrivalled global reputation and versatility. It was a challenge managing the rigorous exams and the demands of work at the same time but I have no regrets.

Chew Shee Ghee 1st place and Watts Prize, December 2004
(Audit & Assurance)
1st place and Little Prize, December 2005 (Taxation) 2nd place and Stephens Prize, September 2005- December 2006
Obtaining the 1st place and Watts prize for the Audit & Assurance paper was extremely exciting, especially given the fact that the ICAEW ACA qualification is ranked as one of the most prestigious qualifications in the world.

Gan Yu Chen
1st place and Watts Prize, December 2007
(Audit & Assurance)
I chose ACA because it is a prestigious accountancy qualification that not only provides a solid foundation in accountancy, business and nance, but also helps to enhance my analytical skills.

Teh Qian Yuen
1st place and Spicer and Pegler Prize (joint-placing), December 2010
(Financial Accounting)
..the ICAEW provides a wide perspective of the business world, ranging from accounting to audit, tax, law, business strategy, all which are useful in the work environment.

Kwong Sze Hui
1st place and Spicer and Pegler Prize (joint-placing), December 2010 (Financial Accounting)
... studying the ACA has helped me integrate what I have learnt in my daily work responsibilities. My work experiences have also helped me in my ACA papers as they have given me insights which cannot be learnt from the textbook.

Siew Shan Lyn
5th place and Casselton-Elliott Prize, September 2005-December 2006 (Taxation)
I am grateful to my lecturers who are so dedicated and Sunway TES for the unconditional support throughout the course. Besides that by sticking to the principle of doing your best seemed impossible were made possible.

Puvendran Selvaraja
Joint 1st place and Watts Prize, December 2016 (Audit & Assurance)
SunwayTES provides intensive classes which teach us the best method to answer in the shortest time. There are great tutors who are experienced and willing to clear our doubts with no hesitation. Thank you SunwayTES for giving us the opportunity to pursue our professional qualification.

Kuan Yie Meng
1st place and Howitt Prize, December 2016 (Financial Management)