The Victoria University (VU) Bachelor of Business Programme at Sunway offers business students a focused learning experience that adds value beyond discipline and technical knowledge, cultivating and developing professional and personal attributes highly valued by employers.

The programme established at Sunway College in 1994, today offers the following degree options:

Victoria University Bachelor of Business options:

  • 3+0 Bachelor of Business programme
  • 2+1 Bachelor of Business programme
  • 1+2 Bachelor of Business programme

The Bachelor of Business twinning programme with Victoria University also offers students the opportunity and flexibility to choose various options of Majors and Minors including:

  • Accounting
  • Banking & Finance
  • Financial Risk Management
  • International Trade
  • Marketing
  • Management & Innovation
  • Supply Chain & Logistics Management

This degree is offered either as a single major with minor studies or double major and can be completed entirely in Sunway College, Malaysia.  Students also have the option to transfer to Victoria University, Melbourne to complete their degree in Australia.


Director's Message

director.jpgDr Jason Cheok Boon Chuan
Sunway Victoria University Bachelor Of Business

Greetings and Welcome to the Victoria University Programme in Sunway College. You will be joining a global educational family via the Victoria University partnership, which has a solid history of more than 25 years.

With a student population of 40,000 in Australia, Victoria University (VU) is one of the largest providers of Australian qualifications outside of Australia with the following rankings:

  • Ranked in the world’s top 2% (Times Higher Education – THE – World University Rankings 2018, 2019 and 2020)
  • Ranked 45 in the world’s top universities aged under 50 (THE Young University Rankings 2019)

The Programme offers you several unique advantages. It has the amazing flexibility of being a fully local, twinning or transfer programme as you wish it to be. As our student, you can have the valuable experience of living and studying in the world’s second most liveable city, Melbourne, be it for one final semester or for as long as two years. You can also choose to complete your three years of studies in Sunway for unbeatable cost savings. Either way, you gain an international degree qualification that is equivalent in course structure and curricula to the degree awarded to Victoria University, Melbourne.

Our Programme delivers a number of business majors and gives you the choice of single or double major option. We ensure you are industry-ready with professionally recognised qualifications from courses accredited by professional bodies.

I would like to end with a quotation from the great philosopher, Lao Tzu.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

Why not, Begin with us. Together we will map your future and chart your goals and work towards a successful career.

Dr. Jason Cheok

Reasons to Undertake the Victoria University Bachelor of Business

Impressive Track Record

Since the establishment of the Victoria University (VU) Bachelor of Business at Sunway in 1994, thousands of local and international students have passed its halls to complete their degrees, establishing themselves in promising careers worldwide or continuing to pursue post graduate qualifications in universities across the world.

Students at Sunway consistently obtain a higher average mark than their Australian peers and frequently achieve top position in the examinations across all campuses in Australia.  A testimony of the dedication and quality teaching by Sunway lecturers in the VU programme

Local and International Accreditation

The VU Bachelor of Business degree is approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE), fully accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and audited by the Australian Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency (TEQSA).

The VU Bachelor of Business (in Accounting) is recognised by professional bodies such as: 

The VU Bachelor of Business (in Marketing) received accreditation from the Australian Marketing Institute in 2012, providing an independent verification of status and quality, thus recognising the course as meeting the requirements for course content.  The accreditation is extended to VU’s offshore partners at Sunway in Malaysia.

Identical Curriculum and Authentic Australian Experience

The curriculum delivered at VU – Sunway is identical to the one in Melbourne, Australia.  The syllabi, assignments, tests and final examinations are set by VU, ensuring a true Australian university education.  All tests and examinations are conducted on the same day and at the same time as VU, Melbourne.  The academic transcripts and certificates are issued by VU.

Providing assurance of a true Australian learning experience, academic staff from VU do visit Sunway and provide academic counselling to students.

Flexibility and Mobility

Students have the flexibility and mobility to choose to transfer to VU in Australia at any time during their course of study.  Subject to approval, VU students at Sunway can also complete one semester in VU Melbourne through the Student Exchange Programme without paying the much higher Australian tuition fee.

Students finishing their first year studies upon meeting all the specific conditions, can also opt to transfer to Australian and New Zealand universities.

Internships and Employment Preparations

Students are strongly encouraged to do internships, prior graduation.  The VU programme assists to facilitate second and third year students into placement with the ‘Big 5’ accounting firms and other corporations.

As a result of the focus on the development of a student’s personal attributes and professional skills, VU graduates are recognised for their adaptability, employability and are sought after by international employers, such as:

… and more

Bridging the Gaps

As a progressive business programme, the VU Bachelor of Business at Sunway prepares its students to hit the ground running in the dynamic and disruptive business environment of today and the future.

Bridging the gap between academia and industry, embedded in the VU Bachelor of Business curriculum are 3 units in the Business Learning Experience Project comprising of:

  • the Integrated Business Challenge unit
  • the International Business Challenge unit
  • the Applied Business Challenge unit

These units complement the major areas of study, focusing on the development of professional and personal attributes much sought after by industry in fresh graduates.  They are taught using a student-centred collaborative learning model combined with face-to-face interaction with experienced Facilitators in class.

Bridging the gap between academia and entrepreneurship, is a close working relationship with the Sunway Innovation Labs (i-Labs), a non-profit organisation and a part of the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation that provides a co-working space located in Menara Sunway.  The i-Lab was established to enable students to gain exposure to the market – everything from the mind-set, financial literacy to Silicon Valley jargons.  Launched in May 2017, it provides an opportunity for start-ups, freelancers, digital nomads and SMEs to meet up and collaborate.

Selected from the capstone unit of Applied Business Challenge, students are provided with facilities and the tools to come up with the products, technology and to eventually launch their business ideas for incubation and or acceleration.  The Sunway i-labs has built up partnerships with big names such as Grab, MaGIC, Cradle and Silicon Valley’s Young Outliers.

The VU Bachelor of Business programme enables students to gain exposure to experienced entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley like designers from Tesla and other experts from Google, Facebook etc.

About Victoria University, Melbourne

Victoria University (VU), achieved university status in 1990, but its preceding institutions date back to 1916.  A highly respected, multi-discipline university based in Melbourne, Australia, VU has successfully provided high quality, practical, industry connected undergraduate and postgraduate courses, including business specialisations, to serve enterprise, industry and individuals.  As an internationally focused university, it has also made significant contributions in education and research outside Australia, especially in Malaysia.

VU is a leader in work-integrated learning, because it understands the importance of providing students with opportunities to apply knowledge gained in the classroom to real-world situations.  Consequently, when you graduate from VU, you will possess up-to-date discipline knowledge combined with the graduate capabilities which employers demand. VU prides itself on its excellent graduate employment outcomes.

40,000 students study at VU each year, including almost 5,600 international students studying onshore in Melbourne.  More than 8,800 international students undertake their VU degree offshore.  VU has 2,500 staff, attractive campuses in Melbourne and Sydney, and university partnerships in many countries, including Malaysia.

VU is ranked in the world’s top 2% (Times Higher Education Rankings 2017/2018) and firmly positioned in the QS World University Rankings 2016/2017.